The Professional’s Choice

Wrapmaster has been trusted by professional chefs for over 25 years and has been designed to protect food, preserve freshness and improve hygiene and safety in professional kitchens.

Wrapmaster Dispensing Systems

The Wrapmaster range of professional dispensers provides effortless dispensing of foodservice film, aluminium foil and baking parchment using genuine 30cm / 45cm Wrapmaster refill rolls. Trusted by professional chefs for over 25 years, Wrapmaster dispensers

come in a variety of sizes to suit the requirements of any professional kitchen from large-scale, high volume establishments to mobile food operations.

Wrapmaster Dispensers and Refill Rolls

Recommended by food safety practitioners, the Wrapmaster range helps to prevent cross-contamination from bacteria and viruses by being easy to clean and sanitize during service and easy to disinfect in a commercial dishwasher.

Wrapmaster dispensers have a patented concealed blade making them safe to use whilst delivering a perfect cut every time. They are proven to reduce waste and increase productivity, saving chefs valuable time and money.

Wrapmaster refill rolls are available in foodservice film, aluminium foil and baking parchment, and designed to only work with Wrapmaster dispensers, to improve hygiene, safety, and efficiency. No more damaged cardboard cutter boxes with needless waste of product and usage frustrations. Wrapmaster refills save time and money through improved productivity, a reduction in product waste and by helping chefs to protect food and preserve flavour, thereby reducing food waste. Perfect for the demands of any professional kitchen.

Flexsil-Lid by Wrapmaster – Silicone Gastronorm Lids

A range of reusable food-grade silicone lids that fit most international sizes of Gastronorm trays.

Flexsil-Lid by Wrapmaster is an environmentally friendly, time-saving option for day-to-day preparation in professional kitchens.

The NSF certified silicone lids have a patented lip-lock design that locks in freshness and reduces food waste with an airtight seal. Flexsil-Lid by Wrapmaster lids are highly flexible, durable and reusable multiple times.