Professional brands with multiple advantages.


Industrie Celtex

Industrie Celtex is the synthesis of innovation, knowledge, and expertise in the tissue, non-woven and dispensing system product for the professional market.

A vertically integrated process from paper mill to converting lines offers specific solutions for all areas of use: washroom and workplace, food and catering, medical and healthcare.

Industrie Celtex proposes distinct sub-brands to accomplish all business demands.

Celtex: the Ecolabel and PEFC certified range of tissue products made cellulose fibres. The perfect solution to link high efficiency and premium quality.

Infibra: ideas, solutions and cutting edge fashion trends to enhance style, taste, and restaurateurs with single-use table sets.

Temca: specialized in cleaning and care solution to meet specific needs in terms of efficiency in use, high product value and time saving.

400 employees, production line personnel, white collars and directors comprise the Industrie Celtex team:

  • 200 persons in the Italian paper mills of San Lorenzo and Pratolungo, and at converting lines of Celtex, Infibra, Toscofibra and RosaUp;
  • 30 persons in the converting and sales department of tissue and non-woven products in Celtex France;
  • 160 persons at Temca plants located in Germany and Poland.

Key strategic supplier to the DHYS Group


FluTech No more clogs 

To avoid toilet and sewer clogs, Industrie Celtex’s Research and Development presents an innovative FluTech formula for toilet paper and Hydrosol Hand Towels.

FluTech arises from a careful selection of cellulose fibres that allow the paper to dissolve in 9 seconds upon water contact.

No more WC clogging, no more waste of time and no more client complaints.

Highly suggested for: beach establishments, camping, boat rents, and for all premises where the sink is near the toilet and users could dispose the hand towel in the WC.

Inspire Ho.Re.Ca. terms designing table sets for new styles. The Infibra Collection project is focused on research around the table, which from a simple detail of decor becomes the main element in harmony with the restaurant’s furnishings. This involvement continues Infibra’s research in settings of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. A direction made by functionality in which napkins, tablecloths and covers become an element of communication, distinction, and trend.