New Group Coordination Manager

My name is Tiziana Maiello, and a few days ago, I officially joined the DHYS Group family. I’m Italian, and I love pizza as much as my job! I live in Rome, but I love to travel around the world, and probably, if we work together, we’ll meet soon.

This adventure started a long time ago, through my previous work experience as Purchasing Manager, with We Italia srl.

During these past years, I’ve dealt mainly with the drafting and negotiation of contracts with suppliers, as well as the definition of group targets and objectives. My work was also concerned with the control of purchase performance and in monitoring of group performance. I was involved with the development of Private Label products, the organization of events and all the bureaucratic parts concerning the group: forming relationships was my strongest point!

Before this experience, I had the opportunity to develop personally in Schalcon SpA, where I held the role of Purchasing Manager for 12 years. My role in the company related to the coordination of resources for the management of orders for materials and services, from the offer request to the delivery of materials; import management; market research of new suppliers; qualification of new suppliers; second part inspection visits and I was the Graphic Office Coordinator. I also held the role of Coordinator, responsible for the implementation of the new company IT system.

I learned a lot in the field. I studied a lot, and now it‘s time to make the most of my many years of experience.
The past is in the past. Today, I want to focus on the future.

I hope to be able to grow together with the DHYS group that has all the credentials to do so. Perhaps it will seem trivial, but it is absolutely real, to achieve goals and have satisfaction together.

I am a person who knows how to, and who wants to, work as a team. I don’t like small talk, because I prefer to have the facts. The only thing I wish to say, in addition to these few lines, is that we will work as a team to the fullest of my and your abilities.

Group Coordination Manager Tiziana Maiello