We take responsibility

The DHYS Group makes a contribution to greater ecological, economic and social responsibility in the interests of the prosperity of future generations.

In the global context, sustainability is of great importance but it also presents issues relating to insecurity. Which products are sustainable? What about the companies themselves? What is more important for sustainability and are customers ready to pay for it?

The fact of the matter is that sustainability is inevitable. The DHYS Group strives to promote sustainable development with transparency and credibility.

From an ecological, economic and social point of view, the DHYS Group assumes responsibility not only to protect the growth, prosperity and the quality of life of future generations, but also to remain competitive in the long run.

The DHYS Group pays careful attention to:

  • The conservation of resources within the company, in production and logistics
  • The increase of efficiency and intrinsic value of products
  • The observance of basic human rights such as health and safety in the workplace