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With our global procurement strategy, we maintain the best trading network for products, price and quality of cleaning and maintenance systems.


The DHYS Group – one of the leading international associations for professional hygiene

DHYS is one of the leading international trade associations for professional hygiene, featuring twelve prominent European wholesale groups and more than 145 family-run member companies in 36 countries.

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Implementation: 190 sites in 36 countries

DHYS draws its strength from the profile of its members, who are steeped in tradition and successfully work together in twelve autonomous trading groups in Europe and beyond. There are more than 145 members in total and, with 190 sites in 36 countries, they ensure that the

economic objectives are not only coordinated but also undergo continuous further development. The benefits can be enjoyed by international customers, suppliers and even potential new members.

Products and ranges

International trading profiles have special requirements regarding product range and price. For this purpose, DHYS cooperates with selected brand suppliers that enable this type of strategic portfolio.

This also includes a whole range of successful private labels that supplement the overall range in a cost-effective manner and significantly contribute towards product range development.


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