JVD is the French leader in the design and manufacture of hygiene and hotel equipment. With its French expertise and more than 35 years of experience, JVD has achieved success in over 105 countries across the world, through its two different arms: Hotel and Hygiene Equipment.


JVD is a French company which designs and manufactures collective and hospitality hygiene equipment and solutions, designed for all and made to last. These ingenious, attractive products are developed with care and tested by our teams, for the well-being and comfort of their users. This unique industrial expertise, cultivated with style for more than 35 years, now extends to more than 100 countries worldwide.

As the French leader in collective hygiene, we believe in the role we have to play in our shared future. This is why eco-responsibility is one of the key pillars of our strategy today. At JVD, every detail counts, from design to recycling, by way of production, transport, use and customer service. In other words, you will only find sustainable products at JVD, designed and manufactured for durability, in the name of your well-being and that of the planet.

Strategic Partner to the DHYS Group


They’re objects you handle everyday, without realising. From now-iconic hand-dryers to soap dispensers, JVD Hygiene equipments can be seen everyday and everywhere: in every restaurant, café, airport or office. Our Hygiene products are sustainably produced on our French manufacturing site in Rezé (Nantes region), while preserving the planet and future generations. Built to last, hygiene products by JVD fit public washrooms in office spaces and buildings, restaurants, airports …

We offer hundreds of thousands of references in our catalogue : hand-dryers, soap dispensers, paper dispensers, communal hair-dryers for swimming pools or gyms, dustbins, ashtrays, electronic insect killers, perfume burners, children hygiene products, coat pegs … Our dedicated customer service specialises in advising facility managers.


The quality of a hotel stay is defined by the attention given to detail. Our equipment is ergonomic, perfectly safe and bold in terms of both technology and design. And each day, it transforms hotels around the world. JVD offers a wide range of unique hotel accessories that customise hotel rooms of every style and standing.

Available worldwide, JVD Hotel products combine design, technology, safety and ease of use. JVD brings quality to a variety of hotel room essentials : mirrors, kettles, hairdryers, hotel safes, trays, alarmclocks, ironing amenities, minibars … Every product is designed to make sure that the hotel experience is comfortable and exclusive.