SUSTAINABILITY YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE. To bring tangible sustainability to your business through smart thinking and by constantly challenging the way things are done

Lucart Professional is the brand in the Away From Home business of Lucart Group. During more than 60 years of experience Lucart has developed the necessary know-how and technology to create quality products that satisfy customer requirements and respect the environment. Lucart Professional proves that it’s possible to combine technology and real sustainability with profitable and effective solutions developed to improve business performance whilst reducing the impact on our planet and marking the beginning of a new era of sustainable innovations. Lucart Professional is naturally advanced showing a strong attitude towards innovation and sustainability.


  • 1300 Employees in 6 countries and 7 production sites
  • Lucart brands internationally known for unique features and commercialized in 66 countries
  • Among the top European producers of tissue and airlaid paper and products
  • Value for all stakeholders by: encouraging true partnership, carefully selecting raw materials, self-producing most of the energy, certifying the production process, reducing waste, certifying finished products, fostering sustainable mobility solutions, bringing the culture of sustainability into schools

Preferred Partner to the DHYS Group

From beverage cartons to the real sustainability of econatural

EcoNatural is the innovative PAPER+DISPENSER system that recycles all the materials from beverage cartons. With its EcoNatural system, Lucart Professional introduces a circular economy model that adds value to used beverage cartons by turning them into two new raw materials. Lucart Professional EcoNatural is the first and only product range in tissue paper and dispensers which comes from the recycle of beverage cartons. The result is a range of products with exceptional performances: paper from cellulose and polyethylene and aluminium for dispensers. EcoNatural demonstrates the commitment to sustainability by certifying and promoting the choice.


All EcoNatural products contribute to achieve real results for environmental sustainability. All our results are certified by United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and by European Life Cycle Database (ELCD), and we demonstrate it through a certificate of environmental savings stating the beverage cartons recycled, trees saved and CO2e emissions reduced.