Vectair Systems are a leading technological innovator and manufacturer of aircare & hygiene products in a number of sectors worldwide. Delivering non-aerosol, non-battery solutions to over 130 countries.

Company profile

For over 30 years, Vectair Systems has been delivering sanitary & scent solutions to over 130 countries. In particular, their expertise and innovation focus is in aircare and odour control, hand washing and skin care, surface care, sanitary disposal, infant care and products specifically designed for the ‘away from home’ spaces. Vectair always look to new technology to create the most sustainable products on the market and make use of state of the art facilities across the globe.

Vibrating Mesh Technology, OEM services, antimicrobial technology, versatile soap dispensers and pioneering passive aircare systems are just some of the pioneering projects that are helping bring to the hygiene industry to make your lives simpler and safer whilst also helping to create a more stylish environment.

Preferred Partner to the DHYS Group

Pioneering Passive. A Harmony of Fragrance.

Vectair’s Professional Passive Programme brings innovation to the interior environments with suited scented systems for a harmonized environment, in or outside the washroom. The range includes passive products that all provide fresh, suited fragrances with:

  • No batteries
  • No propellants
  • No aerosols
  • Recyclable

Choose from multi-phasing air fresheners that can be used in or outside the washroom, toilet bowl clips that can also be personal air fresheners, universal air fresheners for all types of applications and urinal screens to bring freshness to a washroom facility. Science meets simplicity with Airloop®, EcoShell®, P-Screen®, V-Air® SOLID Evolution & Wee-Screen®.
Also available in the Vectair product range are hand wash products, soaps, skin care, sanitary disposal, infant care and more.

Organic core. Revolutionary multi-phasing air freshener technology

Looking for environmentally conscious product ranges?  Passive technology is evolving with V-Air® SOLID Evolution fragrance dispenser and refill. The recyclable EVA cartridge with multi-phasing air freshener technology and sub-micron fragrances allows for superior scent delivery.

Containing no batteries, liquids or harmful propellants, the dispenser & refill works with natural airflow. V-Air® SOLID Evolution refills contain Carrageenan, a powder extracted from red seaweed. Carrageenan is organic.

  • The special slatted design allows for optimum air movement around the refill.
  • With its dual, organic seaweed core and fragrance outer, the refill utilizes our multi-phasing technology.
  • The lightweight, recyclable refill requires natural airflow.
  • No batteries
  • No Liquids
  • Free from harmful propellants
  • Free from solvents.
  • Carbon Approved
  • 100% Carbon Neutral