As a pioneer, we make the difference by driving the professional cleaning market with integrally sustainable, high performing solutions that are harmless for human health and the nature.

Company profile

Werner & Mertz Professional / tana-Chemie was established in 1971 and is a pioneer in integrally sustainable high performing, cleaning and sanitizing products for professional sectors like Facility Care, Foodservice, Health Care, Lodging and Food Processing. As a part of the family-owned Werner & Mertz Group, founded over 140 years ago, we feel very committed to the location in Mainz. Sustainability is not seen as a temporary trend but rather is tradition that the company lives every day.

Right from the very beginning, the protection of natural resources, sustainability and preservation of biodiversity have always been our focus. This philosophy is not only incorporated in our products but it is also reflected in our EMAS-validated production sites in Mainz and Hallein and our headquarters in Mainz that has obtained the “LEED Platinum” award. Our highly trained, motivated and action-orientated professionals deliver solutions and services on site that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Strategic Partner to the DHYS Group


By combining the highest cleaning performance and eco-effective product design, green care PROFESSIONAL products are thought and developed to maximise our customer’s benefits. Living sustainability as our company tradition, we work to improve your image and increase your profitability. The green care PROFESSIONAL range covers more than 50 products which carry the EU-Ecolabel or Nordic Swan, whereof 25 products are certified with the precious Eco-Certification Cradle-to-CradleTM.

Cradle-to-Cradle revolutionises the traditional concept of „Take-Make-Waste“ by aiming for closed cycles and brings out innovations in product formulas, application and packaging.

Latest market success

The mobile and automatic dosing system QUICK & EASY, which needs no installation, no maintenance and no instructions. Incorporating efficiency, sustainability and ergonomics, the QUICK & EASY system is the ideal cleaning solution for todays’ professional cleaning industry.

With one handy foam head and a selection of five highly sustainable concentrates, it is a perfect cleaning solution for a wide range of environments. Its easy plug-and-play system allows to “foam-spray” every surface fast and safe.