Filmop International is a world leader in the professional cleaning market and a qualified, available and efficient partner, totally oriented towards customer’s satisfaction.


Filmop International was founded in the early 70s as a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of manual cleaning equipment for professional use.

It is a leading Italian company in the professional cleaning market and a reliable partner for people who operate in this field, proud to develop the “Made in Italy” trademark all over the world.

This is why the company has always designed and produced its products exclusively in Italy.

Today Filmop exports to over 80 countries worldwide with the maximum speed, reliability and efficiency.


Filmop has always been inspired by the following main principles:

  • spirit of innovation
  • constant attention towards customer’s satisfaction
  • unequalled production flexibility
  • considerable quick order processing

Filmop primary goal is to design and create the best cleaning systems to meet all the different needs, keeping the focus on the wellbeing and health of people and the full respect for the environment.

Preferred Partner to the DHYS Group

Filmop has played the main role in the evolution that has affected the professional cleaning. In particular, it has been the first Italian manufacturing company having special attention to:

  • the importance of metal-replacing materials, such as polypropylene, very strong, light and completely recyclable
  • the necessity to separate clean water from rinsing water, a fundamental issue for professional cleaning
  • ergonomic cleaning systems to improve the operators’ working conditions

This is the basis of a successful business and production policy, that has led to a complete range of products for professional cleaning with more than 4.000 finished items.

The wide range includes highly efficient dusting and mopping systems, innovative mop soaking systems, high-quality equipment for glass and surface cleaning, ergonomic wringer trolleys, extremely modular multipurpose trolleys, functional housekeeping trolleys, convenient plastic bag holders and a wide range of buckets and bins.


Since its origins, Filmop has undertaken a clear path towards eco-sustainability. Many are the steps that translate the green soul of Filmop into several certified results:

  • Environmental certifications: ISO 14001, Ecolabel, PSV
  • Non-polluting and high-quality raw materials
  • Use of certified materials with recycled origin
  • Products 100% recyclable at end-of-life
  • Use of clean solar energy, low CO2 emission
  • Reduction of waste production, recovery of materials