Gfl: high quality products and solutions for hôtellerie, retail, e-commerce and wholesale. Its products are an international guarantee of innovation and of unique quality standards, with due respect for the environment.

the true essence of made in italy

Gfl promotes a true culture of environmental respect by following green guidelines and by promoting circular sustainability. Gfl believes in Design and innovation to make things different and unique. Every product must perform, be safe, sustainable and delightful.
Gfl always adopts a Customer oriented approach whilst attempting to achieve Excellence in Service.

Headquartered in Lugano, Gfl has branch offices in Europe, North America and the Middle East. The manufacturing plant is located in Milan area, a home to injection-mold plastic bottle with high efficient cosmetic filling lines and in-house printing department for flexible packaging and customized labels. Gfl invests in technology and innovation, the true essence of Made in Italy.

Preferred Partner to the DHYS Group


All cosmetics are made in Italy, using extracts of natural origin combined with selected raw materials to create formulations which are effective and tested to verify skin tolerability and to minimize the risk of allergies.

Gfl’s distinctive ability is to combine cosmetic and aesthetic concepts. It is their way to give life to

high-quality products, putting the utmost care in design and appearance. But Gfl’s focus in not only on the design but also on the practicality of its products. Here, design becomes a fundamental aspect that facilitates the use of the beauty product, without compromising on an attractive, updated appearance.

Moreover Gfl is committed to reducing its environmental impact through green policies and cutting-edge technologies. Containers, dispensers and packaging are easy to dispose of and are designed to optimise transportation and reduce CO2 emissions.

Certifications awarded: Ecocert Cosmos Organic, CosmeBio, Ecolabel and Nordic Ecolabel.