For over 50 years we produce and distribute devices for the protection of hands. We are part of the international group DPL, world leader in the production of gloves.

Our experience, research and innovation of a product combined with the most modern technologies of the headquarters which meet the needs of million of people at work and at home.

Preferred Partner to the DHYS Group


  • We Protect the hand in any appropriate activity and situation.
  • We innovate and improve continuously comfort and performance, always ensuring the best value for money.
  • We leverage deep professional knowledge and, cascading down innovation to household gloves, we ensure best performance in the market.
  • We respect the environment, employees, suppliers and shareholders by enabling trustful relationship


For over 50 years we produce and distribute a wide range of disposable gloves (50 reference) and reusable gloves (53 reference) for the protection of hands and/or the product handled in all professional sectors.

Our range covers the following risks:

  • mechanical
  • chemical
  • thermal
  • foodstuff

In every typology of our gloves far exceed the existing strict harmonised standards to Regulation (EU) 2016/425, up to maximum protection.