Ghibli & Wirbel has developed a complete range of solutions for the cleaning of indoor environments thanks to a continuous investment in R&D.

Ghibli & Wirbel

Ghibli & Wirbel SpA is a worldwide leading manufacturing company active in the cleaning business located in Northern Italy.

Established in 1968 to manufacture professional and industrial vacuum cleaners, Ghibli & Wirbel has more than fifty years of history and currently plays a leading role in its sector thanks to a complete range of cleaning machines: vacuum cleaners, single discs, scrubber dryers, spray-extraction cleaners and steam generators.

Ghibli & Wirbel boasts a production capacity of 200.000 units per year and a manufacturing plant with a structure of 40.000 m2, five primary production lines, a moulding department with 11 injection presses and a 2000 m2 warehouse.

The company has sales branches in the main markets (Russia, Germany, France and Czech Republic) and benefits from a global network of dealers and importers worldwide.

Thanks to the pursuit of the Italian traditional manufacturing values, Ghibli & Wirbel is the point of reference for all cleaning professionals.

Dry, wet & dry and industrial vacuum cleaners that have from one to two or three motors according to the specific company request. Strong, efficient and silent they are equipped with professional filtering systems.
Single discs, polishers and roto-orbital machines: a wide and articulated range that is the result of over 40 years of experience in the development of this specific type of machines.

Walk-behind and ride on scrubber-dryers able to respond all requirements from the professionals of the sector. A fleet of machines featuring reliability, ergonomics, safety and ease of use.

To fulfill that mission we provide not only single products, but a systemized approach to cleaning – including products that interact together, analyses, recommendations and cleaning personnel training.

  • Handy and silent vacuum cleaners with maximum energy saving and unbeatable performance.
  • Ergonomic and easy to use roto-orbital single discs suitable for all the everyday cleaning operations.
  • Compact and intuitive scrubber dryers that perfectly work in every environment.