Katrin: Easy, Insightful, Trustworthy

Katrin, from Metsä Tissue, provides easy, insightful and trustworthy solutions to meet all “away from home needs” - washrooms and workplaces in business, industry, hotels, schools, restaurants, public sector and healthcare.

Metsä Tissue – a leading supplier of tissue paper products

Metsä Tissue is a leading tissue paper supplier to households and industrial consumers in Europe. We are also the world’s leading supplier of baking and cooking papers. Our turnover was 1 billion EUR in 2016. We employ 2,750 people and have a production capacity of 640,000 tonnes across 10 mills in seven countries.

Metsä Tissue is part of Metsä Group, which is a responsible forest industry organisation producing high-quality products. The Group’s business areas are tissues and cooking papers, board and paper, pulp, wood products as well as wood supply. Metsä Group’s sales totalled 4.7 billion EUR in 2016 and it employs 9,300 people. The Group operates in some thirty countries.

Metsa uses the best renewable raw material in the world, northern wood, and all of the wood raw material we use is fully traceable. We are also one of the leading producers and users of renewable energy in Finland. For more information, visit www.metsagroup.com

Key strategic supplier to the DHYS Group

The Katrin Product Range

The Katrin product range is one of the most extensive the market has to offer. Our products meet all professional hygiene standards, and together with our knowledge of the market and our expertise, they provide the perfect balance of efficiency, responsibility and environmental compatibility. The product range comprises paper hand towels, toilet paper, household cloths and professional cleaning cloths as well as dispensing systems, soaps and accessories.

Our new Katrin Inclusive dispensers have been designed to meet the needs of a broad range of users such as children, the elderly, visually-impaired and the service personnel who maintain them. For Katrin, hygiene and cleanliness are key to effective washroom management. The optimally co-ordinated dispensers and paper are perfectly suited for use in washrooms of all types. For more information, visit www.katrin.com or call 0845 601 8266.

Katrin – The Choice Is Yours

Katrin products are tailored to meet the needs of differing expectations and usage volumes.  We have PLUS, CLASSIC and BASIC paper product qualities and small, medium and high volume dispensers to address low – medium – high usage. As well as washroom solutions, we offer rolled paper solutions and dispensers for sectors such as HoReCa and Healthcare and Industrial strength paper products for Manufacturing, Production and Maintenance. Katrin will meet all of your tissue needs.

Across the range, minimised usage, intelligent dosing and high absorbency reduce consumption. Reduced storage requirements, time saving during refills and reduced wastage to dispose of all make a Katrin solution economically very efficient. In addition, environmentally certified plants and products bearing the Nordic Ecolabel (Swan) and the EU Ecolabel, fulfil all of the requirements for effective sustainable development. For more information, visit www.katrin.com or call 0845 601 8266.