Reliable, high performance, sustainable cleaning solutions for all - for over 50 years. Providing tailored support to health care, logistics & handling, hospitality and all facilities managements.

Raising cleaning standards and productivity

From cordless solutions to customizable janitorial systems and advanced floorcare equipment with on-hand training, Numatic delivers professional, practical and reliable equipment, designed, engineered and made in the UK/Europe.

Independently rated one of the most reliable vacuum brands in the world, Numatic understands the need and demand for sustainable cleaning solutions. Longevity, efficiency, serviceability and recyclability are the four values that construct the Numatic Sustainability Formula.

Above all else, the most sustainable products are those that you are able to use day after day, without fail, for many years.

Providing tailored support to every industry, sustainability and productivity are values that continue to bridge the entire Numatic range. Numatic has built its products according to this philosophy since day one, testing beyond the standards and delivering sustainable cleaning solutions that provide the productivity you need today, tomorrow and for the next 50 years.

Preferred Partner to the DHYS Group

Looking after tomorrow, today

The key to truly sustainable manufacturing is to provide users with products that last a very long time! We continually review, refine and adapt our manufacturing process to deliver even greater levels of sustainability throughout our products ranges.

Following extensive research, we have introduced ReFlo Technology. Our ReFlo Technology uses the highest quality recycled material, ensuring our products are both sustainably engineered and built to last.

Numatic Connect – Innovative digital solutions

Numatic Connect: Working against the demands and pressures of a busy everyday life Numatic supports the user with innovative digital solutions: Nu-Assist offers the benefit of online training, through a versatile, user-friendly solution, resulting in increased cleaning performance and productivity.

Fleet management can be solved quick and easy with a very innovative system: ServiceOne – for inventories, costs management & service support. Finding a janitorial system that fits your needs completely: Giving total freedom of choice, Nu-Design configurates a reliable, functional cleaning system.