Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning

More than 50 years experience in Professional Cleaning Tools.

UNGER – Leading manufacturer from Solingen, Germany

UNGER is driven to continually develop new products that offer real value to cleaning professionals. All our products are customer-oriented and have been tested and approved by customers before launching to market. Every UNGER product is designed with end user safety, comfort and efficiency in mind.

With cleaning contractors in more than 80 countries around the world putting trust in UNGER quality, our company has gained international reputation as a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning and maintenance tools.

Strategic Partner to the DHYS Group

Professional Window Cleaning with Traditional Tools and Pure Water Systems

All UNGER products are expertly designed to meet the high demands of the Professional Window Cleaning Industry. Innovation and ergonomics are always at the forefront of the UNGER research and product development to enable professionals to work faster, more efficiently and above all safely.

Today the UNGER range includes wide selection of traditional, handheld tools and accessories, built to last and withstand continuous use, day after day.
In addition to this UNGER offers an award-winning professional pure water system including nLite telescopic water fed poles and HydroPower DI and RO filters.

Indoor glass cleaning – more efficient than ever!

The revolutionary Stingray from UNGER is the ultimate indoor cleaning tool solving time consuming issues, such as rearranging of furniture and reaching high or unusually positioned windows. It makes indoor glass cleaning faster, more flexible, more ergonomic and safer than ever – even

for users without professional cleaning experience.
The Stingray enables application of cleaning liquid and cleaning in one step. Whether in offices, hotels, shopping centres or public buildings, the versatile UNGER Stingray provides fast professional cleaning results.